The band’s strength lies primarily in their live energetic concerts, which are largely made up of improvisation. They combine genres such as soul, groove, jazz, blues, funk and world music.

And because, as they say, they are not covered in moss, they are also open to the influences of contemporary music. The Minute Pelmel are not only good to dance to, but because they are exceptional musicians, they are also good to watch.

After their concert return last year and the year before, the “Minuty”, whose musicianship borders on genius, have set clear goals: to attract to their existing fans an audience that has not experienced them, to reach the widest possible spectrum of listeners with their music, to build on their success in Europe, and above all to spread joy with their art.

The band is a trio of acclaimed musicians; singer, guitarist and songwriter Zdeněk Bína, bassist and court lyricist Fredrik Janáček and the exceptional drummer Dano Šoltis.

-123 minutes previously performed from 1996 to 2009, released five albums and received the Anděl Award for Discovery of the Year in 1999. They played at leading Czech festivals, sold out clubs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As one of the few domestic bands, they have also been successful abroad, playing around 200 concerts in clubs and festivals (Holland, Poland, France, USA and England…).

Now you can see them on stage in full force and appreciate their musicianship.

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